Test & Measurement

We have a number of component solutions for Test and Measurement including coaxial Cables, Filters, antennae, crystals, MMICs etc across our full range of suppliers. For applications at millimetre wave, we offer Frequency and Range extension solutions capable of up to 325GHz conversion to standard interface VNA testing.

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Dow-Key Microwave Switch Matrices

Switch matrices form a key part of many rf test systems to enable complex signalling to be automated reliably. ATE solutions are available from DC up to 40 GHz and are offered with various software interfaces with minimum effort required to control the switch matrices. Dow-Key Microwave generation of switch matrices: The Miniature MS-series supports low space test applications. This mini matrix is an ideal switch solution for Test & Measurement requirements; designed and built with the Reliant Switch™ product series in mind. It is equipped with high performance Reliant Switches™ with 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability across DC to 26.5 GHz and a minimum 5 or 10 Million Life Cycles.

Cable stability

Cable stability is another area of major interface for specialist test systems. Carlisle Workhorse® assemblies are ideal replacements for OEM test port cables due to their long life and repeatable performance. WorkHorse® and Armored Workhorse® assemblies utilize Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ (CarlisleIT) proven “504” triple shielded cable. Using a solid center conductor, this cable has low loss and excellent phase stability with performance up to 26.5 GHz.