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Knowles DLI 2-18GHz Splitter

29 November 2015 Age: 9 hrs

Knowles DLI Wilkinson Splitter provides2 Way SMT Power Divider over 2 ~18 GHz Designed as an 8 section Wilkinson in a  Footprint of 15.2 x 4.6 mm. Check out other building block products on line: CouplersFiltersDividers,Bias NetworksEqualisers Click for web site link.. ...

Qorvo power on with small cell products

29 November 2015 Age: 10 hrs

Click for the news on Small cell products

Vectron SAW oscillator VS-403 offers industry highest frequency of 5 to 7GHz

12 November 2015 Age: 17 days

This product offers industry leading  Frequency Range 5 to 7 GHz Key features • Ultra low jitter performance • Typical Jitter: 14fsec rms, 12kHz to 20MHz • 3.3V supply voltage • Output sinewave • 13x20 mm SMD package

Qorvo update on new GaN S,C,X band products this month

28 October 2015 Age: 32 days

 Defence Infrastructure designers can now access samples of the new product releases  50W C Band GaN Power Amp - TGA2307-SM offers 26dB gain at 44% efficiency.10W VHF to S band 10W GaN Power Amp - TGA2976-SM 20dB gain @ 44% efficiency.25W X band GaN Power Amp TGA2976-SM, 11dB gain @ 50% efficiency.X band Phase shifter TGP2109 has 6 bit accuracy with 5 deg LSB and high power handling Call us...

Vectron OCXO-305 the Ultra Low Noise 100MHz OCXO is released

06 October 2015 Age: 54 days

0X-305 provides a 44% size reduction on previous model. 100MHz reference provision with -178dBc/ Hz noise floor. Key Features: Package: 20 x 20 x 13 mmPhase Noise Floor:  ​-178 dBc/Hz at 100kHz offsetFrequency: 100 MHz standard, other frequencies availableSupply: 12 VTemperature stability: +/-100ppb at -20oC to +70oC Output: Sinewave Example applications:  Military radarInstrumentation and...

Qorvo update at EUMW on GaN

02 October 2015 Age: 59 days

Qorvo video updates from EUMW in Paris highlight the companies push into lower cost plastic package adoption for GaN Technology and the new products targeted at Defence and VSAT markets. Hear about customer targets of size, weight and power reduction. watch...

Linwave Technology launch new web site

02 October 2015 Age: 59 days

Please take a look at the new format here

MM comment on protection aspects of ESMCP

29 September 2015 Age: 62 days

Read on..

Vectron release new VCXO VX-706

29 September 2015 Age: 62 days

The VX-706 is a new discrete VCXO in a 5 x 7mm footprint with improved phase noise and jitter performance previously only available in a 9 x 14mm package (VX-501). As board layouts become increasingly dense, VCXOs must meet performance specifications and deliver it in smaller package sizes. The new VX-706 supports this progression with improved phase noise performance.

BSC Reconfigurable Filter bank

27 September 2015 Age: 63 days

Targeted at broadband EW markets and channel selection for broadband Milcoms, the module allows generation of band-pass,notch,high-pass and low-pass functions or combinations of these using the 256 state control.   key features: Eight 2 GHz Channels256 Filter StatesFast, <100 ns Switching SpeedLow Noise Figure, 15 dB Contact us for more details. Link to datasheet is attached below..

WillBurt Nightscan upgrades to LED for its new Telescopic emergency lighting options

21 September 2015 Age: 70 days

The Will-Burt Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of light towers, introduce the Night Scan Powerlite® 2.3 mobile light tower. The quest to conserve energy and natural resources touches every facet of our lives and the Fire Apparatus Industry is no exception. The introduction of advanced LED lighting and high efficiency engines has helped to make today’s equipment more efficient than ever....

Vectron OCXO alternative to Atomic Clock

27 August 2015 Age: 94 days

Email us for datasheet and sample availability.... Frequency range: 5 to 20MHz with HCMOS or Sinewave output. Aging rate 0.06ppb/day. Target markets are Unmanned aerial vehicle, Underwater seismic sensor, Holdover applications, Synthesizers Military ground based satellite communications terminal

New Linwave 2 to 20GHz splitter featured in Microwave Journal

15 July 2015 Age: 138 days

Learn more about Linwave here.. Read the Journal edition here 

MM now stocking the GbE POE+ and GbE POE++ Arrestor ALPU Lite & ALPU Fit

14 July 2015 Age: 139 days

For more data see our product specs here

Linwave Technology announce new 1KW X band GaN SSPA

03 July 2015 Age: 149 days

Unit size of 300 x 250 x 60mm, ideal for TWT replacements offering Power added efficiency of 30%.  X band applications such as Air traffic control or Surveillance radar are supported with 10% duty cycle. Click here for datasheet

Paricon Technology release new applications update

12 June 2015 Age: 171 days

New applications overview highlights the growing application of flex interconnect uses across requirements such as Bio-medical,PCB flex interconnect and general solder-less interconnect needs.   Click for Apps note

Vectron MD-261 new GNSS disciplined oscillator module

15 May 2015 Age: 199 days

Follow link to download datasheet

Knowles Capacitors extends AEC-Q200 range

15 May 2015 Age: 199 days

Click for more information..

BSC open new clean room and die bonding facility

08 May 2015 Age: 206 days

for more details click here...

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