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Vectron OCXO alternative to Atomic Clock

27 August 2015 Age: 8 days

Email us for datasheet and sample availability.... Frequency range: 5 to 20MHz with HCMOS or Sinewave output. Aging rate 0.06ppb/day. Target markets are Unmanned aerial vehicle, Underwater seismic sensor, Holdover applications, Synthesizers Military ground based satellite communications terminal

New Linwave 2 to 20GHz splitter featured in Microwave Journal

15 July 2015 Age: 52 days

Learn more about Linwave here.. Read the Journal edition here 

MM now stocking the GbE POE+ and GbE POE++ Arrestor ALPU Lite & ALPU Fit

14 July 2015 Age: 53 days

For more data see our product specs here

Linwave Technology announce new 1KW X band GaN SSPA

03 July 2015 Age: 63 days

Unit size of 300 x 250 x 60mm, ideal for TWT replacements offering Power added efficiency of 30%.  X band applications such as Air traffic control or Surveillance radar are supported with 10% duty cycle. Click here for datasheet

Paricon Technology release new applications update

12 June 2015 Age: 85 days

New applications overview highlights the growing application of flex interconnect uses across requirements such as Bio-medical,PCB flex interconnect and general solder-less interconnect needs.   Click for Apps note

Vectron MD-261 new GNSS disciplined oscillator module

15 May 2015 Age: 113 days

Follow link to download datasheet

Knowles Capacitors extends AEC-Q200 range

15 May 2015 Age: 113 days

Click for more information..

BSC open new clean room and die bonding facility

08 May 2015 Age: 120 days

for more details click here...

Qorvo TGA2214-CP 4W EW power device

12 April 2015 Age: 145 days

TGA2214-CP is a packaged wideband power amplifier fabricated on Triquint's TQGaN15 0.15um GaN on SiC process.  Key product parameters are: Frequency Range: 2 – 18 GHzPout: > 36 dBm at PIN = 23 dBmPAE: > 15 % CW at PIN = 23 dBmSmall Signal Gain: > 22 dBIM3: < -17 dBc at 30 dBm Pout/ToneBias: VD = 22 V, IDQ = 600 mA, VG = -2.3 V TypicalPackage Dimensions: 15.2 x 15.2 x 3.5 mmPackage base is...

Qorvo product releases summary for March

02 April 2015 Age: 156 days

Product highlights for March:  TGA4893-SL - 200/400G, 16QAM Dual Channel Optical Modulator Linear Driver TGF3021-SM  - 30W, 32V, 0.03-4GHz GaN RF Transistor RFSA4033   - 5MHz-6GHz Programmable Temperature-Compensating Attenuator TQP9309,TQP9321  - High Efficiency 0.5W Small Cell Power Amplifiers RFSW8006Q  - Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac SP3T SOI Switch 857271         - 456MHz IF SAW Filter

Linwave Technology release new Capability brochure

21 March 2015 Age: 167 days

Linwave Technology is a designer and manufacturer of high performance customised solutions for a wide range of microwave and RF applications in military, satellite communications, telecoms and industrial markets.Covering up to 77GHz our engineered integrated solutions provide top tier customerswith options to add functionality and performance for enhanced systems performance. Email MM for a copy...

Qorvo new Ka band GaN

13 March 2015 Age: 176 days

Based on Qorvo QGaN15 on SiC (0.15um) process the 27.5-31GHz part is utlises in Satcom and P2P comms with a Psat of 8W @ 22% PAE with 25dB linear gain. Bias reqts are 20V @ 560mA. The TGA2595-CP is packaged in a 10-lead 15x15 mm bolt-down package with a Cu base for superior thermal management. To simply system integration, fully matched to 50 ohms with integrated DC blocking capacitors on both...

Microwave Marketing assigned as Dover MPG Agent from March 2015

24 February 2015 Age: 193 days

Working from 5 manufacturing locations of USA,UK and Dominican Republic, the combined brands offer  RF and microwave filters, switched filter banks;High reliability switches and switch matrices;Co-site interference equipment and design solutions Frequency-agile filters;Tunable filters; andLow PIM components and test rack assemblies for broadband emission monitoring.  MM will provide sales...

Emergency Services Network bidders short-listed

12 February 2015 Age: 205 days

Airwave have been surprisingly dropped from the contest to provide next generation Police and Fire communications network. Francis Maude, Minister of the Cabinet Office, said:  Our long-term plan for the economy means we are opening up government business and creating an environment where strong competition can flourish. We want our emergency services to have access to world-leading mobile...

TriQuint release first GaN LNA

10 February 2015 Age: 206 days

TriQuint GaN Low noise amplifier is offered in  QFN or die form, covering broad band 2 to 6GHz. Key features along side alongside the 1dB NF is high P1 compression point of +18dBm and high small signal gain of 22dB.Use of GaN technology improves designers options for a robust input device with less susceptibility to Rx damage. Contact MM for samples and pricing..

Vectron 6GHz SAW oscillator in a 5mm package

10 February 2015 Age: 207 days

Vectron's next generation voltage controlled SAW Oscillator (VCSO) incorporates a High–Q SAW resonator that achieves ultra–low jitter performance up to 6.4GHz in a 5.0 x 3.2 x 1.8 mm package. We are actively seeking applications to support in  High Speed RF Data Converters (ADC / DAC) Optical Transport Networks (100G / 200G / 400G) Test & Measurement

Knowles Thin Film Wilkinson splitter

10 February 2015 Age: 207 days

Knowles Capacitor division - DLI has released a surface mount Wilkinson Power Divider in Thin Film technology.  Using DLI's high dielectric ceramic material the product is realised with benifit of small size and minimal  temperature variance.  The compact size, broadband performance and ease of integration make this power divider ideal anywhere board space is of premium and quality signal...

Santron release new 40GHz 2.92 series

13 January 2015 Age: 234 days

Santron S292 offers good RF performance; with key features of 1.18: 1 VSWR @ 40GHz and 7 flange styles covering male and female options. Matiing with 0.012" feedthros, the new design geometries have been designed to optimise launch and centre contact interface for optimum RF performance. Click below to link to the video explanation.

Qorvo update - RFMD/TriQuint new web site live

25 November 2014 Age: 284 days

New merged web site offers customers the opportunity to source information on best in class products from central location

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