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Novacap specialise in Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLC) products to the aerospace, military, medical, telecommunications, computer, and oil exploration markets.

It is a well established company founded in 1979 and is now part of the Knowles group of companies and sits alongside its sister companies (Dielectric Laboratories Inc, Syfer and Voltronics) in the Knowles Capacitor division. Also a specialist capacitor manufacturer, it bases its expertise from the ground up – starting with the formulation of the ceramic materials they use in the capacitor modules. Novacap offer an extensive range of capacitors for specialist and more conventional applications. The more specialist applications include high reliability capacitors for medical useage, high temperature capacitors for harsh environments such as found in the oil and gas industry. They also specialise in very high voltage capacitors for use in applications such as power supplies and pulsed energy. They pride themselves in being able to offer parts from 0402 up to 7565 and from 4v breakdown all the way up to 10kV breakdown. Novacap is definitely the right place for the more unusual and extreme requirements but they are also the right place for high quality general use capacitors

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