Mass Bay Tech appoints Fred Gilligan

04 March 2012
Category: Company Bulletins

MBT move to capture key semiconductor speciliast Fred Gilligan,with over 40 years in diodes with senior roles at Micrometrics, Metelics and Aeroflex as Director of Engineering

Massachusetts Bay Technologies (MBT), Stoughton, Mass., has namedFred Gilligan as director of engineering.Gilligan has been recognized as a leader in the RF/microwave industry and has a proven track record in improving processes and product design. Fred’s background includes being the former VP of operations at Micrometrics and VP of engineering at Aeroflex-Metelics. Gilligan is engaged with all facets of the business and with over 40 years of diode manufacturing experience, brings a wealth of knowledge to every aspect of business operations. On a typical day you will find Fred involved in assisting sales with a customer’s application questions, designing new products and improving old products, and most importantly working with our employee team to continuously improve manufacturing and business processes. Please forward any of your application inquiries to Fred who can be reached at or (781) 344-8809.


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